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I loved performing on stage and modeling in the fashion show. I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, and how to do synchronized swimming. I wrote a 'Snoopy' column for the newspaper. In fact, a lot of the things I loved then are things I still love today.
Shannon McCann
Years at camp: 1966-1975


I am still amazed and in awe of the subtle and mysterious way that simple activities and experiences weave together to leave an indelible impression of love ... confidence ... appreciation. They seem so simple there in the moment ... the singing of camp songs, Friendship Circle at the end of an evening program, the Cowpoke/Wrangler drawing, saddling a horse for the first time, scooting down the rapids ... but each song, with each tug on the halter rope, with each stroke of the canoe oar, with each ring of "Goodnight, campers!" a new brush of color is being painted on her childhood experience. From those "colors" spring forth amazing women as evidenced by the many remarkable people that now call themselves Rocky River alumni.
Alyson Stringer Steakley
Years at camp: 1982-1989, 1993


The experiences at camp gave me a confidence and feeling of accomplishment. First, just being able to take care of myself away from home (with the counselors help, or course) allowed me my first feelings of independence. Being able to try different activities in a non-threatening environment — things I probably never would have tried at home — was a great way of discovering who I was. Then, later on having the responsibility of caring for children by being a big sis to a younger camper and then CIT, gave me a life-long heart for children. Enough so I became a registered nurse working in the pediatric intensive care. I don't believe I would be the person I am today without those many experiences at camp.
Stephanie Shupp Wilson
Years at camp: 1978-1983

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All campers at Rocky River Ranch have four activity periods each day. The camper chooses the activities she wants to concentrate on for each week and attends the same class at the same time each day. Campers attending a two-week session may choose different activities the second week.

Programs are fitted to the child, not the child to the program. All activities are closely supervised by Counselors and Instructors.

We provide a free-choice program so campers can plan their own creative endeavors.






In addition to singing team songs at each other after lunch, there's always a lot of excitement on Sports Day when the "Cowpokes" and "Wranglers" stage competitive games and relays.

At the close of each session, parents are treated to a Watershow at the pool and an exhibition of Western Riding in the large arena, where campers present new skills they've learned.


There are so many choices! For time slots and descriptions, DOWNLOAD our Camp Activities PDF here!

• Anything Goes
• Archery
• Baking
• Challengers
  includes Climbing Wall/Rappelling/Screamer
• Crafts
• Dance
• Discovery Girls
• Doll Making
• Drama and Tech Theater
• Drawing
• Farm Girls
• Fishing
• Ga-Ga Ball/9-Square
• Gardening
Horseback: Barn Girls and Advanced Riding
• Improv-a-Rama
• Miniatures
• Painting
• Pool Games
• Pool Sports
• River Fun
• River Sports
• Rocky River Reporters
• Screamer
• Sewing: Accessories
• Sewing: PJ Shorts
• Singing
• Sport-A-Day
• Storybook
• Strength an BeYOUty
• Synchronized Swimming
• Tennis
• Yarn Girls
• Yoga
• Zip Line

Cowpokes and Wranglers

Horseback riding class at Rocky River Ranch

Horseback riding class at Rocky River Ranch

Rocky River Ranch has an exceptional horseback riding department with an extremely high safety standard. Our program is certified and horses are matched to each camper with temperament and experience in mind. In addition to proper riding techniques, we also focus on proper care of horses and tack. Download overviews here:
Barn Girls (Sessions 1,3,4,6)
Lessons (Sessions 2,5)


Archery at Rocky River Ranch Wimberley Texas   Tennis at Rocky River Ranch Wimberley Texas
Campers swimming at Blue Hole in Wimberley Texas   Learning to play guitar
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