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   Sixty years of RRR! Can you believe it? Remember coming through the archway for the first time with a head full of questions? Remember how all those questions were happily answered and how you wanted to stay longer when end of session came?
   Let's do the math, average of 100 campers each session x an average 5 sessions each summer x 60 years = 30,000 campers!
   If you were one of our many campers, please complete the Alumni Form at right. I thoroughly enjoy our reunions, and would love to hear from all of you.
Love, Skeet (Mary Anderson)


I honestly believe that I wouldn't be the same person if not for my many years at Rocky River, and each year that passes makes me more aware of the grace I found here and the gift of the chance to become one of the few ... a Rocky River girl. To the land of the triple R, I pledge my heart to you!
Alyson Stringer Steakley
Years at camp: '82-'89, 1993


RRR is not just two months of SCREAMING prepubescent girls singing songs in the Grubstake, Free Swim at the river or raids on other cabins, it becomes a way of life that helps guide you through the rest of your life. Not unlike the Marines who are brothers for life, those of us who were campers and counselors are sisters for life and will do anything to help each other, no questions asked!
Lezli Smith Giancarlo
Years at camp: 1981-1989


RRR gives young women the chance to excel in areas where they may not have ever had a chance to before … and an opportunity to gain self esteem and confidence. These are such amazing and important gifts that will stay with campers their entire lives. This is why RRR will forever be a "home" to its campers. A place where they feel accepted, and loved and special.
Margaret "Meg" Beecher Lowery
Years at camp: '89-2000, 2005


My summers at RRR were the most special times of my childhood. I have so many great memories that I'll never forget. Thanks to Rocky River, I found my true calling in life … teaching children! And, I fell in love with Wimberley so much, that I live here now!
Mollie Cessac Booth
Years at camp: 1979-1991, 1999-2000


Attending RRR is a tradition in my family — aunts, cousins, sisters, and best friends all have great memories that we still talk about today. I am waiting for the summer that my daughter is old enough to attend and experience the same wonderful times that I had. My memories of summers at RRR are so special to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Skeet and Sandy, and all of the staff from every session, for the ten years of summertime bliss!
Melissa Ross Crispin
Years at camp: 1984-1994


I am grateful for the girls that Skeet, Sandy and Rue had as our counselors because of the character and leadership they taught me. I love them all. Many are my friends still and I cannot wait to see them again year after year. We are all grown, some mothers now, some in interesting careers, but all of us sharing one special thing in common -- outside of careers, husbands, family and schooling -- the RRR Spirit that endures in our everyday life.
Brandi Mascione Roy
Years at camp: 1978-1985

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  Alumni at 2006 reunion
2006 Alumni Reunion attendants. Alumni put finishing touches on a stone and marble memorial erected in honor of our late owner/director, Sandy Bateman.
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