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I have said for years that RRR made me the person that I am today. Actually it wasn’t just RRR, but also the counselors that shaped my experiences and helped me be the best I could be. I learned to problem solve, lead others and to be a leader others wanted to follow. I learned to do my part and that I can do anything I decided to do. I learned to say 'I can' a lot more than 'I cannot.' I learned to co-exist with others which helps me to this day. As a young girl I learned what others around me now in their 30s still do not know. I learned to take care of and respect myself, respect others and the world around me.
Hara Chasis Cootes
Years at camp: 1978-1991


Wow! I just spent ten amazing weeks at Rocky River. It was a great learning experience. My first job also! I had a wonderful time working with the counselors and the kids. I already miss it! I miss singing camp songs too!
Brenda Ly
Years at camp: 2004

Summer Camp for Girls 7-14
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WANTED: Women, young and old, from all walks of life, in search of meaningful summer jobs. Average pay, long hours, and more personal rewards than you can imagine!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a counselor at Rocky River Ranch! RRR is looking for mature, fun-loving, outgoing individuals who have the desire and ability to communicate sound values and attitudes to young girls.
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Staff at Rocky River Ranch

  We are committed to providing our campers with the best possible camping experience, helping them build self-confidence, independence and life-long friendships. Our traditions and legacy depend on alert, compassionate counselors who know when and how to give guidance and encouragement.
Children grow by learning self-discipline and initiative, and that takes great leadership. If you are over 18 years old and feel like you have the skills and experience that will contribute to the success of the campers at Rocky River Ranch, please download the application and return it to our office. We accept full- or half-summer contracts.

If you have any questions about employment at Rocky River Ranch, please email

Staff dressed for fun at Rocky River Ranch Wimberley Texas

Staff member at rocky river ranch
  Staff dressed for fun at Rocky River Ranch Wimberley Texas

Staff dressed for fun at Rocky River Ranch Wimberley Texas
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