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Remember the times you've had here,
Remember when you're away
Remember the friends you've made here
And don't forget to come back someday

Remember beside the camp fire,
The river and the sky so blue,
For you belong to Rocky River,
And Rocky River belongs to you.

Carol "Mama" Knolk


We still can't believe it has been 50 years since my mother, Mama Knolk, started RRR. We are so proud that it is still the same as she built it and still has the same spirit upon which it was founded. Our children and grandchildren have had the wonderful opportunity to attend camp and we all can still sing some of the songs when we get together. May the spirit of Mama Knolk stay with all that have attended RRR.
Polly Knolk Denham


Mama Knolk — what a wonderful and gentle lady. She always wanted the best for us and for us to be our best.
Jeanette Brian Lawrence
Years at camp: 1960s


Oh how I wish I could still be a young girl and go to RRR every summer! I truly miss those wonderful weeks of absolute fun and excitement. This camp holds a very special place in my heart and will always throughout my life. I cannot wait until the day that my newborn little girl will be able to drive through the gate and live the summer days that not only her mother lived, but her grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother enjoyed. I cannot wait until the day that I can tell her all about her special great-great-grandmother (we called her GG, but most knew her as Mama Knolk) that opened beautiful Rocky River Ranch and created a place for many girls to create memories from. I am truly happy to see Mama Knolk's spirit still living on. May it continue to live on the dream that she always wanted.
Allison Turley Torres
Years at camp: 1986-1994


I had a wonderful experience of being a counselor at RRR 1960-61 and 1966-67. Those first 2 years I knew and loved both Mama Knolk and Jane. Later, I was there with Skeet and Sandy. I have great memories of all those special people and all the fun times at camp. I'm so glad the camp is still going strong!
Mary Jane McDuffie Dillard
Years at camp: 1960-61, 1966-67


This was my very first camp I ever went to and let me tell you it was the best! I only wish I had found out about it earlier so I could have spent more than just one year there. Y'all are an amazing camp and I hope you keep running for another 50 years.
Claire Tilton
Years at camp: 2002


I would not be the person I have become today if it were not for Skeet and Sandy. One of the biggest lessons I ever learned in life was from Sandy — I fell off a horse and Sandy made me get right back on. I had no idea what impact that lesson would mean to my life, but I have to say it has become one of the most valuable.
Beth Boykin Huddle
Years at camp: 1976-1980


Rocky River was a HUGE part of my childhood and I cherish all of the wonderful memories I have. Sandy, Skeet, Jim, Rue, Arthur — y'all were the best extended family a kid could ever ask for. My favorite cabin, Bar K, holds fond memories as well. The stories I have would take days to repeat and the friendships I made were oh so REAL!
Kathy Hotz Thompson
Years at camp: 1975-1987

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The Rocky River Ranch spirit found its home in 1953, when the gates first opened to girls, ages 7 through 16, for summer adventures. The founders, Mrs. Carol "Mama" Knolk and Jane Brown, established the camp on the banks of the crystal clear Blanco River amid the evergreen hills and blue skies in the beautiful Texas hill country. In 1966, Mary "Skeet" Anderson came to the camp as an assistant director, and later, she and Sandra "Sandy" Bateman bought Rocky River Ranch in 1971.   Girls at the Gate in
1958 | Campers at the entrance gate of Rocky River Ranch.
Artist sketch of Gold Rush Street
195? | Artist's rendering of the buildings for Gold Rush Street
We will be adding a more detailed history of Rocky River Ranch. Please visit again soon!  
    1952 | Jane Brown and Carol "Mama" Knolk
    Jane Brown with riders
    1958 | Jane Brown with riders.
    Jane Brown and Carol
    195? | Jane Brown and Carol "Mama" Knolk
    Jane and Carol with Campers
    1959 | Carol "Mama" Knolk and Jane Brown with campers.
    19?? | Mary "Skeet" Anderson and Sandra "Sandy" Bateman purchased Rocky River Ranch in 1971.
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