Women's Weekend Retreats at Rocky River Ranch

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Great Escape Retreats
What I learned from my Great Escape: You can escape to the simplest of surroundings and they can turn out to be the most luxurious in the world; that trees and rocks and wet leaves are there not only for the boys to romp about in; that the river, with its aura of peace and tranquility, can flood your mind with long forgotten, submerged, girlhood memories; that raindrops and the chill of the fall air cleanses your spirit down to the soul without you ever knowing; that spending time talking to a friend on a porch swing is better than talking on the internet; that something as simple as card games with plastic spoons can produce tremendous belly laughter; that, as always, music brings life to any party and it diminishes one's inhibitions about dancing alone; that singing old camp songs in the dark still has a calming effect and helps you to fall asleep.
Patti Evans | Great Escaper
Nov 1-3, 2013 • April 4-6, 2014
May 2-4, 2014 • Oct 3-5, 2014
Oct 31-Nov2, 2014


Sitting by the fire
Relaxing by the fire after a day of shopping at Wimberly Market Days.
Sharing photos with fellow Great Escapers
Friends sharing photos of those precious grandchildren!
  Rocky River Ranch is a lovely rustic haven in Wimberley, Texas -- a little bit of Heaven in the Texas Hill Country. There's lots to do: read a book, talk, play board games, play ping pong, go on a trail ride, go down to the Blanco River to canoe, swim, sunbathe, or just put your toes in the clear water, go to Market Days, shop in the Town Square, sleep, eat, make new friends, get a massage, facial, or manicure -- etc., etc., etc. Remember your bedroll and linens and your appetite!!
Jackie | Houston, Texas
What memories RRR holds for me! Anyone would be blessed by spending a weekend in such an enchanted place. It is so far removed from the city that many of us have to learn to relax and breathe at the slow pace of such a natural environment! How refreshing!
Debbie | Pasadena, Texas
  Friends at Great Escape Retreat
Friends sitting on rocks in the Blanco River   There's nothing better than a weekend at RRR! If you were a camper as a kid you can relive your youth complete with s'mores. There are always new and interesting women to meet from a professor to a novelist. This is not a bed and breakfast! Come prepared for a camp experience. Leave your troubles behind and bring your bug spray!
Betty | Great Escaper
My friends and I loved our great escape at Rocky River Ranch! We enjoyed the great shopping, the beautiful surroundings, the massages and even had our own little campfire one evening, where we reverted to children again, singing songs and doing our old high school cheers." (see photo on right) Every woman needs a "great escape!"
Cheri | Austin, Texas
  Practicing our old high school cheers!


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